The technology of the POT line offers a user-friendly and intuitive experience, guiding you through the functions of your POT washer directly from the control panel. The TFT color display (KP 152 EL Plus / KP 202 EL / KP 302 EL / KP 402 EL PLUS) enhances the clarity of working temperatures and the set wash cycles, both of which are easily adjustable.

With the introduction of the new motorized valve in the KP 202 EL, KP 302 EL, and KP 402 EL PLUS, and the ability to schedule the start of the cycle, the use and maintenance of these models have been greatly simplified.

The KP 152 EL PLUS also features a two-level self-diagnosis system, providing precise alerts for any anomalies. Furthermore, with features like the optimized Optimal Rinse system, the additional Energy Saving function, high-performance standards, and top-quality materials, the competitiveness and versatility of our POT range achieve standards that stand out in the market.

What is the right product for you?

The KROMO range features undercounter and hood-type models, rack and flight-type machines as well as pot and granules warewashers.

Let us know what you need to wash, the size of the items and the type of dirt. We help you identify the right product for you.

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