Our Green flight-type dishwashers

You deserve the best. With the new “Green” QK LUX and QK PREMIUM,  you will have it!

These ranges have been enhanced and rewarded with the SMART LABEL HOST 2023 award for their functional efficiency. Thanks to innovative pre-rinse and rinse arms, we have achieved exceptional results while maintaining the same performance: 35% water savings compared to previous versions!

Added to this innovation is the introduction of new options, including a renewed triple rinse with osmotic water and an improved drying system, which make them flexible, complete and first-class flight-type conveyor dishwashers.

Let us not forget that KROMO’s vision is to minimize the use of environmental resources but also your operating costs. Features such as the detergent economizer, the concept of thermal insulation, the CPF system and the double reinforced rinse show KROMO’s wish to progress in the search for innovative solutions, ever more profitable and environmental friendly. Unique systems like KHDRF make the machine energy self-sufficient and cost effective.

Finally, the communication experience with the machine has been revolutionized thanks to the brand new Connectivity remote interaction system, available on all electronic devices and on the brand new KROMO App.

Everything is under control in the blink of an eye!